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The Indexer Ping Software 2.54

No Image The Indexer Ping Software-Have your website at the top of Google search engines in a matter of minutes! This software can index your website and then ping it to make sure you appear first for your keyword. You can submit your website and have it indexed in a matter of hours or even minutes! The Indexer Ping Software is very easy to setup and use!

Blog Auto Machine 2.0: Blog and ping software automates 'Blog & Ping' process
Blog Auto Machine 2.0

ping software Blog and ping software automates "Blog & Ping" process And Gets Your Web Pages Crawled, Indexed and Even Ranked in Less Than One Week. B.A.M.`s PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY TAKES AUTOMATED BLOG AND PING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Blog Auto Machine automatically crawls your website and creates one blog post for each page. How many pages you add is up to you. You can blog and ping `Unlimited` pages per day. Blog Auto Machine is completely customizable

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FREEping - Server Pinging 2.0

Do you want to know if all your Windows 2003-XP-2000-NT servers are alive and pinging? Do you want to receive a pop-up message when one of them is not running anymore? FREEping is a free ping software utility which will ping all your IP addresses in free-definable intervals. FREEping automatically pings in the background and shows statistics for each pinged hosts.

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Ping Assist Pro 1.6.1: The powerful ping & trace tool to test networks. Email & sound notifications.
Ping Assist Pro 1.6.1

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to ensure a consistently high level of quality control over your network, a reliable ping test tool is an essential piece of software. Ping Assist Pro does the hard work for you, constantly monitoring the performance of the devices on your network and retaining the information in logs that you can review later on. The ping tool also runs as a Windows service, using up minimal system resources.

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Pivo Ping Component 1.01

Ping allows you to effortless enable your applications to send Internet Control Message Protocol (Ping/ICMP) packets in .NET. Programmatically ping a remote server, host, route, or any network device to see if it is up. Pivo.Ping fully supports RFC 792 standard. Pivo.Ping is a server component. It requires the Microsoft .NET runtime in order to function properly. Pivo.Ping is used to programmatically ping hosts on a network. A `Ping` is a technique

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sMonitor Monitors networked computers and TCP/IP services running on them continuously.

sMonitor is a network monitoring software that allows you to verify the network connectivity of TCP/IP hosts on the Internet and LAN. The built-in NT service periodically pings, or checks TCP and UDP ports on network devices. If the destination host fails to reply to a ping, connection request, or user datagram, sMonitor alerts you using audible alarms, visible notifications, e-mail messages, third-party software, modem and telnet connections.

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SI Ping 1.0: Ping remote Internet hosts with free visual Ping for Windows
SI Ping 1.0

Ping remote Internet hosts with free visual Ping for Windows. SI Ping gives clearly legible and well formatted ping results by providing easy to understand and well explained numbers. It displays all the vital information and allows you to ping more than one computer by simply selecting their address from a combo box. Thanks to its user-friendly, convenient user interface, SI Ping is much more convenient to use than the Windows ping.exe.

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